Create this very special Christmas feeling!

Christmas Cruises – from mid-November till mid-January. Seating capacity for the groups up to 120pax

Truly fantastic scenery of Old Tallinn from the wintry sea!

When you celebrate a Christmas dinner onboard you can design the occasion according to your own wishes and purposes – choose personally if you want to enjoy a Christmas Dinner in exclusive surroundings or if you want to arrange a Christmas party with entertainment and dancing!
For smaller groups / Friends and Family we have scheduled Christmas Cruises on selected dates with full Buffet dinner and Entertainment program.

Contact our booking office for more information tel. +372 50 32321, e-mail

Our Chef has created a special maritime style dinner with the hint of Juniper for this season. This is a genuine taste of coastal folk – specially for You!

And do not forget to find out about the glorius past of Naval Gin Pennant and how this is connected with our Christmas feeling. Captain has got a story for that… webshop for Christmas Gifts

merenodi kingitusedCheck out the Christmas Gifts from our Maritime Bric-a-Brac webshop >>>