Naissaar – The Women’s Island has beautiful and unspoilt nature, rich history and clean beaches.
The main attractions on the Island is narrow-gauge railway built in 1912, several ruins of fortifications, Aibofolk church and graveyard, lighthouse and sand dunes.
On the Island there is couple of basic guesthouses, cafe, bike rental and marked hiking trails.

Cruise package (see price and schedule below) incl. two-way passage, Island visitor fee, guided tour with military vehicle and Lunch.

Schedule Tickets
Child 5-17/Ch.1-4(*
• 10.00-16.15 Island Cruise Package with Guided Tour and Lunch
(incl. visitor fee)
• Two way passage tickets
(incl. visitor fee)

(* Limited to 4 children per adult. For children groups ask the special price
Price information or tel. +372 50 32 321

Lennusadam, Pier #A3
Major credit cards accepted
Accommodation options on the Island …