Any day sailing is better than a best day on shore!

Our ships with differents characters are excellent choice for private venue. Harbour Cruise with Tallinn Old Town Skyline or fantastic trip to nearby Naissaar (Women’s Island) World of Ruins.

restaurant with sea view 120/200 pax: Old coastal passenger ship “Katharina” is built in Norway 1964. The ship has three saloons, seating respectively 30, 40 and 50 guests in restaurant style, two sundecks, seminar room, bar and restaurant. On banquet receptions we accommodate up to 200 guests. Seminar room seats 80 in theatre style.
“Katharina” is available for private venues, as well we run daily Dinner cruises on the Bay of Tallinn and tours to the Naissaar Island (Women’s Island).
The restaurant with The Best View in Tallinn!
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Traditional sailing ship Hoppet 25/40 pax: The only genuine Estonian gaff schooner “Hoppet” is built in 1926 and completely renovated in 2011. The ship has survived WWII thanks of being stationed in Sweden by that time. Capacity of the vessel 40 guests, there are modern facilites and rather elaborate galley for catering. Sailing season from May thru September. Here you can sniff the genuine smell of stockholm tar and enjoy the sound of squawking rigging.
Capt’n Pekka is not only an excellent sailor but also a superb cook. His small but mighty galley helps to keep the hunger away whilst underway.
Take your time and enjoy the real sailing venture!
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yacht rental 40/70 pax: Classical motor yacht “Mojito” (1969) is 100ft/30m and 3-deck luxurious vessel with exciting history. One of her owners was French “Elvis Presley” aka Johnny Hallyday.
There is three decks with spacious cabins downstairs, saloon for 40 guests and superior sundeck with most wonderful views.
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sailing in tallinn 14/25 pax: Motorsailor “Lulu” is a two-masted 20m schooner, converted from old fishing trawler. Well equipped with sauna, aircon, TV, and stereo! Comfy for the parties of 25pax. Sleeping bunks available for 14. This sturdy steel vessel is excellent for exploring remote islands further along the coast.
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ferry to naissaar12 pax: Classical 1962 Finnish-built motor cruiser “Kalk” is sailing on regular basis between Tallinn and Island of Naissaar. Captain Rauno is also acting as a guide on the island.