Naissaar Island Ferry Line
Naissaar Ferry. Foto: Simo Sepp

Naissaar Island Ferry Line operates from May to September.

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Ticket prices

Regular Naissaar ferry line ticket prices are listed on daily basis in the on-line booking calendar.
Check the schedule for current pricing.
Discounts for children aged 5-17y
Children 0-4y Free
Dogs Free
You can take a bicycle with you, fee applies
Freight tariff €25/m3

Naissaar Island Ferry Line

Traveling to Naissaar from Tallinn by ferry takes about 60 minutes. You can take a bicycle with you. Cars cannot be transported.

Departures from Tallinn:

Lennusadam, Sunlines kai nr. A3 (map link)

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The regular Naissaare ferry line is open from May to September, transport to the island can be ordered all year round

Regarding private charters and group travel please contact our office at

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