Naissaar island ruins of fortifications

Naissaar Island – the Isle of Women

Estonia’s own ‘Angkor Wat’ can be found on Naissaar Island – picturesque and mysterious ruins of fortifications concealed by the forests, and otherworldly fort passages. Naissaar is a scenic island close to Tallinn, still untouched by tourism. As one of the most exciting islands of the northern coast of Estonia, Naissaar captivates visitors with its clean sandy beaches, hiking trails, exciting history, and a cultural festival taking place in the summer.

There is plenty to do on Naissaar, whether you are a culture, history, or nature enthusiast. Visit the Nargenfestival in the summer, hike on the Naissaar hiking trails, relax on the clean, sandy beaches, or explore the historical attractions of Naissaar.

How long does it take to get to Naissaar Island?

Traveling to Naissaar Island from Tallinn by ferry takes about 60 minutes. The Sunlines ferry ticket includes a fee for visiting the island as well as a map of the island’s hiking trails and instructional material.

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What to do on Naissaar ?

The history of Naissaar and the ruins of Peter the Great’s naval fortress

Naissaar has several attractions to visit. The main attractions of Naissaar Island are the Empire-era naval fortress ruins of Peter the Great, the narrow-gauge railway, the lighthouse, the Soviet military’s naval mine depot and assembly factory, Omari barn – the birthplace of the world-renowned optician Bernhard Schmidt, St. Michael’s Swedish Church, the old cemetery, the Danish King’s Garden, and the wonderful sandy beaches at the Hülkari cape.

Hike on the Naissaar Island hiking trails

Naissaar has three hiking trails of varying difficulty: The southern route (12 km), the central route (11 km), and the northern route (7 km).

Travel on Island by train

From the spring of 2019, the Naissaar narrow-gauge train is running again between the port of Naissaar and the village of Männiku.

Pick mushrooms on Naissaar Island

In the autumn, nice and cheerful mushroom picking tours are organized in the Naissaar forest. On mushroom trips, a nature guide will help you and guide you to the least known forest stands of Naissaar.
We will announce the schedule for the Naissaar mushroom picking tours at the beginning of August.

About Naissaar Island

The hiking trails have varying degrees of difficulty; when riding a bicycle, you might come across some sandy areas.
From the spring of 2019, the Naissaar train is running again between the port and the village of Männiku.
Naissaar has some accommodation options and a café. In addition, bicycles can be rented on Naissaar. However, when riding a bicycle, you might come across some sandy areas.
Naissaar also has some nice camping and campfire sites of the State Forest Management Centre (RMK), where you can spend pleasant summer evenings.
Even though there is no shop on Naissaar, you can visit a cozy café in the summer.

military vehicle safari on Naissaar island

Travel to Naissaar

Come for a holiday or organise an event on Naissaar. Come and join the team of Sunlines for a picturesque boat trip to Naissaar. Sunlines vessels meet the international safety standards and are fully insured.
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Departures from Tallinn: Lennusadam, Sunlines kai nr. A3 (map link)

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