Regular ferry connection between Tallinn and Naissaar is available in the summer months May through September only.

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Naissaar Island Ferry schedule(*

10.00-11.00 Tallinn-Naissaar
11.30-12.30 Naissaar-Tallinn
13.00-14.00 Tallinn-Naissaar
15.30-16.30 Naissaar-Tallinn
17.00-18.00 Tallinn-Naissaar
18.30-19.30 Naissaar-Tallinn
(*Due to seasonality, may vary

Ticket prices

Regular Naissaar ferry line ticket prices are listed on daily basis in the on-line booking calendar.
Check the schedule for current pricing.
Discounts for children aged 5-17y
Children 0-4y Free
Dogs Free
You can take a bicycle with you
Freight tariff €25/m3

Naissaar Island Ferry Tallinn – Naissaar

Travelling to Naissaar from Tallinn by ferry takes about 60 minutes. Naissaar’s ferry services are operated by various vessels with a capacity of 12–200 people. You can take a bicycle with you. Cars cannot be transported.

Ferry Tallinn – Naissaar Island

Sunlines vessels meet the international safety standards and are fully insured

Venus 200 passengers: m/s “Venus SL Spacious modern ship with 3 decks, with large lounges. Voyage to the islands is fast and convenient. The ship has a cafe. Bicycles can be taken on board to the islands.
Spacious lounges provide a very good opportunity to use the island trip to organize various celebrations – weddings, anniversaries, seminars or conferences, company summer days. The ship can accommodate 200 guests at banquets, a theater-style seminar can be organized for 90 people. Travel destinations: Naissaar, Aegna, Prangli

Naissaar Island Ferry sea taxi12 passengers: the small but sturdy sea taxi Gundel accommodates 12 passengers and travels between Naissaar, Aegna and Tallinn. Travel duration: 1h 30min. Available on request. Some cargo capacity on board.

Local transport on Naissaar Island

Groups are transported on Naissaar by a military vehicle. In addition, you can rent a bicycle. If you want to explore Naissaar with your bike, take a bicycle with you.

Inquiries regarding group tickets (10+pax) and private charters please send by e-mail

Departures from Tallinn:

Lennusadam, Sunlines kai nr. A3 (map link)

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