Naissaar Women's Island Day Cruises

Departures from Tallinn: Pier No A3, Lennusadam (map link)
(Seaplane Museum harbor, Vesilennuki 6, Tallinn)


TOUR #1: Tour to Naissaar Island Lighthouse and mysterious Imperial underground fort tunnels (N-Tour)

Enjoy an exciting sea voyage to Naissaar Island, a military truck ride, stunning Lighthouse views, overgrown fortress ruins and, secret underground tunnels. Take a totally unique cultural journey into Estonia’s storied past.

Start your day of adventure by departing from the historic Lennusadam port. From here you will hop aboard your boat and enjoy a 1-hour, scenic boat voyage. Take in the great views of Katherina Keys, Bald Island and, Midshallows Lighthouse.

Upon arrival to the Island you will take a guided tour on a military truck safari. You will also enjoy a 1.5km walk. Visit the towering lighthouse and admire the beautiful views of Tallinn across the water. Follow your trip to the lighthouse with a trek through the wild forest trails, here you will be able to see fortress ruins and three different imperial fortifications. Whilst here you will also get to delve into underground tunnels! The tour will be completed with Lunch.

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TOUR #2: Self-Guided Tour: In the footsteps of
forgotten history

From the old islanders to a top-secret military base, from myths to reality, it is a true oasis
near the capital, where very few know to wander.

Be the boss of your own adventure.

Spend an unforgettable day rediscovering the history
which was supposed to be forgotten forever.

The journey begins from the historical Seaplane Harbour of Tallinn from where you can
choose between 3 routes with hidden gems:

• A humble hiking trail (~6 km) to explore the history of the coastal people. You will visit
the scenic Hülkar tip, search for the ruins of the mysterious battery no. 4, and walk
back to the harbor through Männiku village where you can see the island’s life today, study the narrow gauge railway and visit its modest museum(*.
• A long hiking trail (~ 11 km) that runs from Männiku village along the coast up to
Naissaare Church and Cemetery. The trail passes through a magical forest and ends
up in a former top-secret Soviet military base.
• A hiking trail for cyclists (~13 km) through a primeval forest road that winds up at the
Naissaare lighthouse where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the island. It is highly
recommended to use a rental bike or bring your own(*.
(*additional charges will be applied

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Naissaar island military trail

TOUR #3: Naissaar Island Soviet Military and Coastal Folk Heritage Tour (S-Tour)

Sail out to the remote Naissaar, also known as Women’s Island, and discover its fascinating historical heritage and the lasting imprint of the island’s former Soviet military presence.

Naissaar Island was a popular outing destination prior to World War 2, and home to the Aibofolk (Swedish heritage islanders) who made their fortunes as pilots and seal hunters and enjoyed lucrative business with privateers. The Soviet army then turned the island into a secluded military base. Explore the sights from the Soviet military period and remnants of pre-war life.

Depart for a 1-hour boat voyage from the historic Lennusadam, enjoying beautiful views while passing Katherina Keys, Bald Island, and Midshallows Lighthouse. Once you reach the island, a 1.5-hour adventure-filled tour awaits you. The majority of the tour will be covered on a military truck and a small portion on foot. Hearty Lunch will complete your tour.

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Departures from Tallinn: Pier No A3, Lennusadam (map link)
(Seaplane Museum harbor, Vesilennuki 6, Tallinn)

Naissaar Women's Island Day Cruises

Naissaar Women’s Island Day Cruises and Tours

A ferry trip to Naissaar takes only 60 minutes. Sunlines vessels meet the international safety standards and are fully insured.
In the summer period, ferries depart daily from Lennusadam in Tallinn.

You can choose between various travel packages for exploring the island. One-day cruises will take you to the main attractions of Naissaar and you can choose between two tour packages. However, Naissaar is worth further exploring. We recommend taking your bicycle with you and staying on Naissaar overnight so you would have enough time for exploring all the exciting places and relaxing on the beautiful sandy beach.

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