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Nautical gifts and decor

Nautical and maritime style gifts, decorations, interior items for your coastal house or boat.

You will find in our stock vast variety of mahogany and brass handcrafted items, waterproof ship lanterns and lamps, portholes, nautical design decorations and interior design items, even jewelry.
Now and then we have salvaged some items from ship scrapyards.

Great nautical gifts

Merenodi webshop offers unique Nautical gifts and decor items that make great gifts including boating and fishing wood signs, captain’s clocks, a yachtsman wine holder and you just name it. We may not have all the nautical gifts, but rather having the highest quality, best priced vintage nautical-themed items available. From solid brass porthole mirrors to working ship bells and telescopes, our retro sailing collection is heirloom quality…at very competitive prices.

Basic Elements of Nautical Decor

Nature is a big player in beach and coastal decor. Sea life and its vegetation can be represented in photographs, sculpture, or found objects. Color is also a major element of nautical design with blue, unsurprisingly, being the primary influence. The color of blue is the one most commonly linked to water and has associations of depth, authority, and peace.

Bright, saturated colors evoke those in signal flags and the yellow slickers used by sailors. The combination of crisp white and dark blue comes from Naval uniforms which actually originated from the stripes that 19th century French fisherman once wore.

Wood is another common element in nautical decor. Rich, highly varnished woods recall the furniture in ships while weathered, light pieces evoke driftwood found beachside. Rope is also often featured as well as maps, other navigational aids, and graphic flags. Metallics, especially brass, reference uniform buttons as well as mechanical ship elements.

Interiors have always been influenced by fashion, and nautical decor is no different. Queen Victoria was the first to dress her young sons in sailor suits. Audrey Hepburn helped popularize the modern striped shirt and Coco Chanel did the same for wide legged pants. This presence in fashion brought an association to beach house decor of adventure and stylishness.

A great coastal living room is one that reflects the fun and rejuvenation of time spent on the beach. Look for a color scheme that uses a base of neutrals and navy punctuated with your favorite colors. Add texture and reference sailing ropes and hammocks with jute or sisal rugs and accessories. Include nautical symbols but resist the all-too-easy trap of becoming heavy-handed. Remember, “coastal” is not a theme. It is a design influence. Finish off your space with references to natural elements.

Expand your beach house decor beyond photographs, paintings, and prints. A wall mounted brass ship bell, vintage nautical flag, or knot display showcase personality and depth.

Decorating Ideas for a Coastal Bedroom

Beach-y plays well in a vintage costal bedroom, meshing objects and folk art. Here, old ship models, steamer trunks, and photographs layer together nicely. Stripes, check patterns, and plaids reference the maritime and keep the room lively.

If you keep in mind what appeals to you about nautical decor, your design will stay focused and undiluted by unnecessary elements. These rooms are carefully curated but are nowhere near generic. They evoke the sea without being overt.

Color, texture, and pattern are all just as important in your outdoor living areas. Nature and natural elements are the stars of any open-air space but oars, lanterns, and sailboat decor are right at home here, too.

Smaller spaces demand a little more restraint as they can veer into twee territory quickly. Avoid going overboard (sorry!) with match-y beach-themed accessories but instead choose solid and thoughtful items such as these whale tail hooks and fishing hook hardware.

A benefit of smaller spaces is being able to utilize the wall as a design element more easily than in a large room. Shiplap has become associated with a modern farmhouse style but, as the name suggests, it has its origins at sea.

Tile is another great tool to anchor (sorry, again!) the bathroom. These two rooms above and below use tile to reference knots and waves in a playful but sophisticated way.

There is so much beauty and symbolism in the sea! Consider how you can take the colors, textures, and symbols of nautical decor and make them your own.

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