nautical interiors and decor

Nautical gifts and decor

Nautical and maritime style gifts, decorations, interior items for your coastal house or boat.

You will find in our stock vast variety of mahogany and brass handcrafted items, waterproof ship lanterns and lamps, portholes, nautical design decorations and interior design items, even jewelry.
Now and then we have salvaged some items from ship scrapyards.

Great nautical gifts

Merenodi webshop offers unique nautical items that make great gifts including boating and fishing wood signs, captain’s clocks, a yachtsman wine holder and you just name it. We may not have all the nautical gifts, but rather having the highest quality, best priced vintage nautical-themed items available. From solid brass porthole mirrors to working ship bells and telescopes, our retro sailing collection is heirloom quality…at very competitive prices.

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