Viirelaid (Paternoster Republic)

The Paternoster Republic covers 80 ha and is located in Eastern Europe. We are a very small, yet proper, country. At present, we have four citizens, and are optimistic that we will soon have more.

We are the second smallest country in the world. Only the Vatican is smaller than us – 0.8 km2 vs 0.44 km2. But, as the old Paternoster proverb states: the smallest the better.

At present, we have submitted membership applications to the UN and NATO. Our concerns are similar to those of the Republic of Estonia – we fear the big bear living to our east.

If the Republic of Estonia fears Russia, its neighbour to the east, then we are afraid of Estonia, our neighbour to the east.

Since we have an incomparably smaller army, which is comprised of 1 person who attempted to enter conscript service in the Republic of Estonia, but was summarily rejected due to medial reasons, then there is justification for our concern. Otherwise, we function like any other country – we are attempting to establish our own currency; we already have passports and a flag. This leaves a lot of room for development, something that each visitor can help us with. In terms of our economy, tourism is our only significant source of revenue. The EUR 87 that we are paid in rent each year by the sheep farmer isn’t of much help in getting us through the year.

You can come and visit us alone, or with someone else, and even rent the entire island for various events. Typically we host events during the weekend or companies/people rent the entire island. Therefore, if you would like to enjoy quiet isolation on the island, you should visit us during the week.

If you would like to visit us, write to us at or via Facebook at