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Is Aegna Island the center of Tallinn??

Aegna Island Aegna Island is administratively part of the Tallinn City Center district. Almost 70% of the island is covered with forest. Here is a boulder and a sea eagle nests there. Aegna Island is a real oasis in the Gulf of Tallinn, known for its wonderful nature, charming coastline and colorful past. Enjoy a hike where the sandy beaches alternate with the wildlife and the ruins of the Second World War.

What to do on Aegna Island?

From sandy beaches to mystical ruins
Aegna has the most beautiful sandy beaches in Tallinn. Stroll through one of the largest stone sowings in Estonia, with a total of more than 23 boulders, and take part in the island’s magical forest trails, which lead you directly to the ancient stone maze.

What to do on Aegna Island
Aegna saar. Foto: Simo Sepp

Your journey begins with an exciting boat ride from the historic Airport. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a personal GPS digital guide who will guide you through the hike.
Take a relaxing walk through the island’s nature reserve and listen to exciting stories about the island’s past. Stroll along the rocky island of the island, a truly impressive sight with its more than 20 giant boulders. On the island you will find wonderful sandy beaches with a peculiar sandy leg. With the help of your smart digital guide, you will reach a mysterious stone maze, where you will have the opportunity to take part in an ancient ritual. Admire the views of the Tallinn panorama and end the hike with a picturesque overgrown Battery.
You can choose one of the following digital guide topics to tailor the experience to your interests.
● The war history of the island with stories about both the local people and nature.
● The island’s diverse nature theme, which tells the listener even the most exciting stories of the past.
Our digital guide allows people with different interests to enjoy one hiking trail at the same time.
(* The tour is also available for groups with a human guide

GPS digital guide routes

Aegna short track       Aegna long track

The origin of the name Aegna

The island of Aegna was called Hundisaari (Vulvesö, 1348 Wluesøø) under the influence of the Swedish language from the 13th century, and even in the 1920s the place name Wulf was used in Estonian literature in parallel with Aegna. In 1683 the island is named Eikisar, in 1724 Eignesar and in 1937 Äigna.
Historian Paul Johansen assumed that the Swedish name of the island may be related to the Viking Ulf Ragvaldsson, who died under Tallinn in 1032 and was then buried on a small island in the Gulf of Tallinn. He also suggested that the Estonians first named the island Salmesaari after the strait or verse.
The origin of the place name Aegna is associated with the Estonian-Swedish dialect word eik (horse), because horses were grazed on the island in the Middle Ages. Before World War I, a system of coastal protection batteries was built in Aegna, which was part of Peter the Great’s sea fortress.

Ship traffic to Aegna Island:

The Tallinn-Aegna shipping line is seasonal. Regular trips take place from May to September.

Inquiries regarding group tickets (10+pax) and private charters please send by e-mail

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