Tallinn’s jewel and main highlight is the Medieval Old Town. Just like it was torn out of the history books. The compact, cobblestone area between the Town Walls is easily walkable and offers plenty to see and discover. Together with colourful legends we will introduce you to the gabled houses, churches and squares that developed here between the 13th and 15th centuries when Tallinn boomed as a key Hanseatic commercial hub. The tour includes visiting the lower town and the upper town, showing all the main attractions.

PRICE: €74/per person, incl. guide service
LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, German
PICK UP PLACE AND TIME: in front of the Tallinn Tourist Information Centre, time as agreed

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Guided Walking Tour Itinerary

Explore the Town Hall Square, Tallinn’s heartbeat since the 13th century

On the Town Hall Square it’s hard to find a house that doesn’t have anything interesting to tell about our city’s past. The story about how the weather-vane Toomas got its name, which famous recipe was invented in Town Hall Pharmacy, or why there is a stone called Tallinn’s navel there… We are happy to answer all those questions (and more) during the tour. In summer and during Christmas time the square becomes a busy market selling local souvenirs, food and drinks and it’s not unusual to see concert performances at the same time.

Discover medieval churches, streets and courtyards- Tallinn is home to the best-preserved medieval city centre in Northern Europe!

Today Estonians often claim to be the least religious nation in Europe, never-the-less, churches can be seen practically everywhere in Old Town. Most of them, including: St. Nicholas’; St Mary’s; and the Church of the Holy Ghost are on our route and are monumental examples of medieval architecture. Each of them, plus the exceptional golden Orthodox Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky, which symbolizes the Russian past, reveal fascinating legends that you will hear about during the tour. In additon, we will explain to you how a medieval city functioned and discuss the meaning of some street names as well as taking a peek into some of the courtyards.

Learn more about the city walls and Toompea hill

Exploring the streets in the lower and upper town we will also show you where the Estonian Parliament and Estonian Government work. You can take stunning pictures from the viewing platforms on Toompea hill. The upper town, Toompea, was historically a separate town from the lower town. During the tour we will point out the differences and the reasons for it. An extra fairy-tale charm to Old Town stems from the fact that it is still surrounded by a 2 km long city wall, dotted with red-roofed guard towers. In some parts it’s still possible to climb the walls.

Walk in St. Catherine’s Passage – one of the most picturesque Old Town lanes

The city’s oldest existing building is its Dominican Monastery, which dates to 1246.
We walk through St. Catherine’s passage next to the ancient monastery to give you an outside glance of the former glory of the sanctuary. What makes the passage particularly interesting is that it’s home to St. Catherine’s Guild, a collection of craft workshops where artists use traditional methods to create and sell glassware, hats, quilts, ceramics, jewellery, hand-painted silk and other wares.

Optional tips to enhance your experience:

Let us give you hints on where to find the most authentic Estonian handicraft shops and restaurants serving Estonian food;
For groups from 6 persons there are plenty of activities (workshops, concerts, team-games etc) on offer to enrich your old-town experience;
Conclude the day with Sightseeing Cruise on the Bay (Tickets from €10pp)

Tour operator: Prangli Travel